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About Hinspo

Hi There!

I’m Nicki – The Creator and head designer at HINSPO Interiors. A few of you might remember me as “Penneys Hun” from my social media platforms. Penneys Hun started out as a blogging and vlogging outlet centred around affordable Fashion, Beauty and Interiors. Within a year I had grown a following of over 100,000 – over time my love for Interiors & DIY had gradually taken over and had become a huge vocal point for me.

Having worked in Sales and Marketing for over 7 years I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion for Interiors. I started an interior design course and began what is now HINSPO Interiors – An e-design interior design service.

For most people the term “Interior Designer” usually conjures images of expensive designers producing opulent interiors for the private homes of wealthy individuals – “Luxury” will always have its place in Interior Design but it is my mission to fight against the “norm”, to create something EVERYONE can implement affordably.

Through my online interior design service, I will be dishing out ideas and spreading the word on how you can have a chic, clutter free, and polished home that meets your budget…

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